Biking and Energy Conservation / Renewable Resources and Peak Oil21 Aug 2009 09:39 am


Today marks the second anniversary of my biking-to-work adventure. Still enjoying it! I’m especially appreciating the summer riding; the winter, with all those layers and all that cold, gets to be a bit of a drag.

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to getting the bike commuter tax credit (AOL is still working out details of how they are implementing the legislation).

My old bike is still going strong, although I’ve gone through several chains, freewheels, and wheels. The last flat I had was over a year ago. About 5 months ago I moved to Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires — not the lightest, but more important to me is avoiding flats.

My old ’92 Accord, on the other hand, is showing its age and may not be with us much longer (it logs ~3500 miles / yr taking kids to soccer practice, running weekend errands, etc.). Which would ruin my plan to have this car be the last internal combustion vehicle I own :-/

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